Here you will find five easy to follow recipes that have been developed and made by our participants.  There are simple instructions to follow that have been tried and tested – and a video for each recipe that is narrated by either Danielle or Andrew, two members of the Loaf Cookery Club

Video recipes

Ham & cheese quesadillas


A light lunch for two, served with a side salad


Beef Stir fry


A quick and easy dinner for you and a friend – with a little bit of spice!

Overnight Oats


Save time by making this easy but filling breakfast the night before so it is ready to enjoy in the morning

Raspberry Cream


A treat for you and your family or friends – you can always cut down the ingredients if it’s just you looking for something sweet to finish off your meal

Salmon Dinner


For when you are looking for a healthy, well-balanced dinner, look no further than our salmon dinner recipe

Food hygiene

& more recipes



The most important way to prevent food poisoning is to wash your hands properly.  Click below for more information on hygiene