The Best Teacher Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Updated: Jun 22

Blue mug that is handcrafted in Ireland
Loaf's Forget-Me-Not Mug

Buying our teacher a thank you gift is the least we can do to show them how much we appreciate the year round sacrifices they make for us. Whether it is your favourite schoolteacher, principal, or an instructor from outside of school activities, they are guaranteed to love Loaf’s pottery gifts. We have pottery in Belfast to suit everyone’s taste and style, from espresso mugs and creamer jugs to colourful vases that will add a pop of colour to the classroom. We have put together some of our favourite pottery items that will serve as the best teacher gifts to show your appreciation and will be something they can enjoy during their much needed summer break.

Teacher Gifts That Will Show Your Appreciation

Handcrafted Mugs for Teachers

Pink mug handmade in Northern Ireland
Loaf's Blush Mug

Loaf’s handcrafted mugs are the perfect gift for teachers that will take "Thank you" to the next level! Although you may think that teachers receive mugs as gifts most years, our range of artisan pottery is different to your standard shop bought ceramics. At Loaf Pottery, our mugs are crafted with love and care by our in-house potter before it is hand finished and fired in our kiln. This gift will help to brighten up your teacher’s morning before they start their working day.

Vases for Your Teacher’s Favourite Flowers

Handcrafted pink vase filled with flowers
Loaf's Blush Vase

Flowers are the perfect way to show your appreciation to the special people in your life. This end of term, surprise your teacher with a stylish handcrafted vase that is filled with their favourite flowers. Loaf’s range of artisan vases are available in a range of different colours to suit everyone’s taste, including Blush, Buttercup, Snow, Forget-Me-Not, and more! This vase can be used to brighten up your teacher’s school desk or can be a new addition to their home’s interior décor.

Gifts For Teacher’s Who Love Coffee

Handpicked speciality coffee in Belfast