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How Handcrafted Pottery Can Elevate Your Home’s Interior Design

Handcrafted Pottery in Northern Ireland
Loaf's Blush Butter Dish and Curved Vase

This year the trend of adding handcrafted ceramics to your home’s décor is on the rise. Whether you are using pottery for a decorative or practical purpose, it is a great way of adding texture to your interior design. At Loaf we have a range of handmade pottery in Belfast available in different shapes, sizes, and colours. It can be hard to know where to begin when decorating your home with pottery. In this post we will show you how handcrafted pottery can elevate your home’s interior design and improve the look and feel of your rooms.

How To Decorate Your Home with Handcrafted Pottery

Use pottery as centrepieces

Pottery is the perfect centrepiece display on your dining table or coffee table. Not only will it brighten up the room, but it is also a perfect conversation starter when guests come to visit. Loaf’s pottery has a versatile design that can be displayed in a range of different ways. Our vases can be used to show off your favourite flowers, our Loaf Mug Collection can be used to add a pop of colour to the room, or our butter dish and creamer jug can be used to keep your food fresh while adding a texture to your table. Whatever way you display your pottery, it will leave a lasting impression that will inspire others.

Display Your Own Creations

Designing your own pottery will give you the opportunity to use colours that match your interior décor and show off your personality. At Loaf Pottery we host paint your own pottery workshops in Belfast called ‘Paint Me Glaze Me’. Throughout these workshops you will have a range of readymade handcrafted pieces and an assortment of bright colours to choose from. Here you can paint your own ceramic pot that can be proudly displayed on your mantle or hall table for all to see.

Upgrade Your Kitchenware

Build your pottery collection by replacing items within your kitchen. At Loaf Pottery we have a range of stunning Irish pottery vases, mugs, serving bowls, and jugs that will brighten up your cupboards and kitchen counter. Our handmade pottery is perfect for serving guests who come to visit your home, or alternatively they can be used as a colourful display. We have a range of different colours and styles that will help to show off your personality and add a touch of creativity to your home.

Brighten Up Your Pottery with Plants

Using plants as part of your home’s interior design has risen in popularity over the years. Adding plants to your home is a great way of adding a touch of neutral colours and helping spaces to appear more appealing. Indoor plants not only will look great in your home, but they also have many benefits for our overall health. Loaf’s pottery has a versatile design that can be used for many purposes. Our stunning hug mugs can be used to house your plants, or our creamer jugs can be used to display your favourite small flowers. This alternative use of pottery will add a touch of quirkiness and fun to your home.

Decorate Your Home with Handmade Pottery in Northern Ireland

When it comes to elevating your home’s interior design with pottery, your choices are endless. From our range of stunning vases to hand-thrown coffee mugs, you can create a personal touch that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you prefer a minimal style, or you want a to create a display to wow guests, Loaf Pottery have a piece of pottery to suit everyone’s taste.



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