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All of our pottery is handmade by our in-house potter. Each pot has been crafted with care on the potter's wheel before being hand glazed and fired in our kiln.   At Loaf Pottery we believe pots should be like twins, they may look similar but each has its own unique character. These subtle differences are shown by the throwing rings on the outside of the piece which mark where the potter's hands have been as he was working on the wheel. We also offer our participants with learning difficulties and autism the opportunity to work alongside our potter to explore their creativity and develop new skills. From ball of clay to finished pottery, we lovingly design, sculpt, and refine each piece over 27 times to get each one just right. Our pottery is dishwasher safe.

Small Loaf Espresso Snow Set X 4 120ml

  • We package all of our items with care in bubble wrap and sturdy boxes.

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