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What You Should Wear To A Pottery Workshop

If you are planning on heading to one of our pottery classes in Northern Ireland, you want to make sure you are dressed appropriately as pottery making can be a messy affair. Here are some tips on what you should wear to a pottery workshop to make your experience more enjoyable!

What You Should Wear To Loaf's Pottery Workshops

Pottery Classes Can Be Messy

When you attend one of our wheel throwing classes in Bangor or pizza pottery nights you will be working with clay and water to shape and mold the clay into the design you want. For this exercise we recommend wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty in case the clay transfers onto your clothing.

During our pottery painting in Belfast participants will be using paints to decorate pottery. This is fun yet a messy activity, especially for kids. To protect their clothing you can bring your own apron or overalls to change into.

Comfort Is Key

At our pottery classes you will be using arm and shoulder movements to assist you in bringing your clay creation to life. These movements are mostly used at our pottery wheel throwing classes near Belfast where you will be using the potter’s wheel to mould the clay that will transform into your desired shape throughout the 2 hour session. For comfort purposes during these sessions we recommend wearing loose clothing that won’t restrict your upper body movements.

Remove Your Jewellery

When you are working with clay, it isn’t the best idea to wear rings or bracelets. There are no strict rules on wearing jewellery to our pottery classes in Northern Ireland, and it is up to you. However there are a few things you should consider.

Rings can get covered in clay which may tarnish or mark them. Your pottery design could also leave unwanted patterns or marks on your pottery which may affect the finished design you had in mind.

Bring An Apron

For our wheel throwing classes in Bangor we recommend bringing an apron. As you will be working with water and clay the apron will provide you with an extra layer of protection if you don’t want your clothes to get messy. Don’t panic - Any kitchen apron will be suitable for our pottery throwing sessions.

Get Creative At Loaf’s Pottery Workshops In Northern Ireland

Whether you are interested in pottery painting in Belfast or creating a ceramic pot of your own design, classes in Loaf Pottery are ideal for you. Our sessions are for kids, adults, pottery pros and beginners. Whatever your ability, come along and visit our pottery in Crawfordsburn. Now that you know what you should wear to a pottery workshop why not book one of our sessions today.



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