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Benefits of Eating Foods Made from Local Produce

Local food produced in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Loaf Cafe's Quiche Selection

Cafés and restaurants across the Island of Ireland are adding fresh and delicious local produce to their menus. These local foods have many benefits for both food establishments and for the customers who are looking for a bite to eat. From improving your carbon footprint to adding value to your lifestyle and community, the benefits of eating foods made from local produce are endless. Whether you are planning a visit to Belfast for a weekend away or looking for a new place to meet friends for lunch Loaf Café should be at the top of your list!

Benefits of Eating Local Foods in Northern Ireland

Food Sourced Locally Is Fresh

At Loaf Café we use fresh and locally sourced ingredients in the foods we serve to our customers. Food that is locally sourced will taste fresher compared to foods that are imported from different countries. This is because local produce may be picked only days before it arrives to our café.

One of the most popular items on our menu is Loaf’s speciality coffee, which is hand-selected for us by local suppliers. They source only the finest speciality grade coffee and build long term relationships directly with growers. This coffee is a hit with our customers who enjoy the fresh taste of our coffee compared to supermarket brands as our speciality coffee is produced with a key focus on its quality.

Benefits The Environment

When you purchase foods that are locally sourced you are taking the responsibility to lower your carbon footprint. Foods from supermarkets can travel as far as 1500 miles to reach the shelves. Local food doesn’t have to travel as far to arrive on your plate, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is because the use of shipping facilities or refrigeration isn’t always needed to transport food to our cafés in Belfast.

At Loaf Café we have a big focus on the environment and how we can lower our carbon footprint within the local community. The packaging we use to deliver our foods for event catering in Belfast is eco-friendly and can easily be recycled.

Supports Local Economy

By opting to eat in cafes and restaurants who use locally grown produce in their foods you are helping to invest money back into your community. At Loaf Café we serve locally sourced, freshly prepared dishes. By choosing our local food for your breakfast or lunch, you are supporting the individuals within your community who have provided us with the food rather than large supermarket chains.

Benefits Local Communities

Consumers are starting to pay attention and requesting information about where their food is from and how it is being produced. At Loaf our food with purpose has a positive impact on the Belfast community. When you purchase food or coffee from our cafés the profits made go towards the NOW Group who are a social enterprise in Northern Ireland that helps people with learning difficulties and autism into jobs with a future.

Local Food in Belfast

At Loaf Café we serve our delicious food with purpose in Belfast and other locations including the Ulster Folk Park and our Pottery in Crawfordsburn. We also offer food catering in Belfast where we deliver fresh food for all types of occasions straight to your door, including birthdays, family get-togethers and business events. For more information on the delicious food, we offer and how to order, view our menu today.



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