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With the censorship of sex workers and marginalised people online being more prevalent than ever, we think it's important that we make space for sex workers on tryst to tell their stories. Each week we delve into the lives of sex workers from across the world to understand how they work, who they are and how you can be a better ally. This week to speak to Jinx Grimm about the cross over of porn and in person work, Atheistic Satanism and how they got started in the industry. Tell us your story, how did you get into the industry and what has your journey looked like thus far It was hard to hold a job in the south while maintaining my identity, I have always had a fascination with kink bdsm lifestyle, so I looked into camming selling content online. I enjoyed what I did and started looking into diversifying my portfolio with a little help from reddit I found a network of SWs who mentored me into this new career path! I was able to break out of my shell more and focus on bettering myself Exploring kinks I have wanted to try. I brought myself out of poverty and was able to finally live my authentic self to the fullest! What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work Music is a big hobby of mine from listening to practicing my own instruments. I’ve always fantasized about being a singer and I love exploring various genres. Fort Worth Dallas has an awesome music scene I love to explore. Either that or i'm going to the gym 1-2hrs a day I have a love for gothic alternative fashion I have a bit of a shopping addiction! I also try to find time to play video games I love horror games and RPGs. I saw that you also work in porn. Do you find there is a lot of cross over between working in porn and working as an escort, and in which ways have you found they differ It really goes hand in hand with building my work persona, clients tend to find that part of my life intriguing and honestly it boosts sales in both lines of work. Having an online extension is a part of clientele research to verify I’m the real deal I have had a number of clients tell me they felt better about contacting me because of it. They are quite different though because porn is scripted and a lot of things we do on camera is to look good for the camera. Being an escort listed @ Devozki is a bit more personal and catered toward the client. Is there a book, tv show or movie that has had a major impact on your life What was it and what did it teach you A series of books really but the main one being written by Anton LaVey. I do not make it a secret that I follow Atheistic Satanism, the books taught me how to live myself to the fullest as the saying goes “You are your own God, so act like it.” I don’t think I could have gotten as far as I have without that mentality, it exposes hypocrisy and how to have a backbone which really helps inside and outside my career. What issues do you currently see experience within the sex industry as a trans worker and what changes would you like to see to better support the trans sex working community There is a lot of stigma to it, we only just barely stopped using transphobic slurs. It's difficult to be seen as just a woman when the market is focused on what body parts I have and how I dress. For trans woman in specific were expected to be hyper fem all the time. I hate that I have to consider surgeries more so for my career rather than do I really want this for myself I suppose the changes I want to see is better support resources for workers like me especially in the south its hard to get anywhere we could really use a better network. What kind of music are you currently listening to My music taste is mostly centered around heavy metal, rock, and punk, though I appreciate the rave scene so anything I can dance to that has an energetic beat. My favorite artists have to be Belphegor, Behemoth, The casualties, and days n daze off the top of my head. As sex workers we face a number of challenges in our line of work. What is one issue you care about and how do you think your clients can help sex workers One big issue is the criminal aspect of it, it’s hard for the provider and the client to reach each other with the stigma behind it as a client you can help engage with politicians to help with the fight of decriminalization. Why do you think it is important for sex work to be decriminalized and how do you think this would change the way you work It's important so we can really start focusing on and helping those who really are victims of sex trafficking. With legalization it will be easier to step forward with evidence to those who engage in sex trafficking. With decriminalization legit providers do not have to hide and operate behind closed doors it would be easier to remove the stigma and show that we are real people too. Is there anyone in the industry you consider a role model or someone you looked up to when you first started your journey A couple of people really, there is a trans provider I follow avidly on Twitter along with a few trans porn stars that I look up to. I work hard everyday on my career so maybe people can look up to me as I look up to them. How do you recharge or take a break Focus on different pursuits really, if I’m not producing content or seeing clientele, I make update posts on my fitness and comment engage with other workers on twitter. If I’m completely burned out, I just tune everything out and play video games or practice my music. Hobbies are important in every line of work to recharge! Are there any advocacy groups or charitable organisations that you'd like us to give a shout out to What would your dream date look like I love the music scene so checking out the cool live venues that DFW has to offer would be awesome maybe hitting up a nice restaurant in between. If you take me to a piano bar I might fall in love with you haha. The dorkiest thing about me is The amount of hours I put into animal crossing on my switch haha.

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