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Pottery for beginners 
with Tracey our potter

Ready, set, clay!

Are you searching for an introduction to clay-based pottery? Someone who wants to build on some of the basics? Look no further – Loaf’s Pottery Beginners Course is here for you! 

Taking place on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-9pm, this brand new four-week course features classes that have been specially designed to blend together theory and ‘hands-on’ experience in an atmosphere that is relaxing, fun and creative. Those who enroll can look forward to learning different pottery techniques, crafting a mug step-by-step, and bringing home their very own kiln-fired creations.

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What you will learn

In the first three weeks, you will gain a foundation in three popular ways of making pottery: throwing on the wheel, coiling and slab building. This will include the chance to work with clay on a professional potter’s wheel (if you choose), and practising how to mark and join pieces of clay as you assemble a mug from handle to body.

On the theory side, subjects taught will include mold making and inlay designs. Crucially, you will also discover how to plan your pottery designs.

In the final lesson, you will learn about the two exciting processes that are used to make pottery long-lasting and beautiful: glazing and finishing.  

After the course has been completed, attendees will bring home all the handcrafted projects that they honed during their four weeks.


Your next steps

Having the most fundamental pottery throwing styles under your belt, you will be well equipped to conceptualise, research and tackle the kinds of pieces of pottery that you want to make in your own free time.

With a library of books available to peruse during lessons and an established ceramics artist as your class instructor, you will also have the opportunity to gain insights into future possibilities of working with clay. 


Who the course will benefit

The course is open to everyone, but is most suitable for a complete beginner who is looking for a gentle, non-pressured entry point into the world of pottery. Classes will also form a complement to our Pizza & Pottery event, and previous visitors will have the time and space to delve deeper into the skills that they have already developed. 

Although all age groups can attend, we request that an adult accompany children under 12.


Do I need to bring anything with me?

All clay and tools will be prepared and ready for use, but we ask that you bring an apron to wear, an old towel and a mask for the protection of others.

For maximum enjoyment, a calm and open mindset is highly encouraged from week to week.


Meet the teacher

Familiar to those who have attended Pizza & Pottery, classes will be delivered by Edge-award winning ceramist, Tracey Johnston. Tracey has gained a wealth of experience in leading craft classes and pottery sessions at Ulster University, where she also graduated with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics with 1st Class. 

You can learn more about her work at or by looking up the handle @ceramicstracey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Did we miss anything? 

If you need more information about any aspects of Loaf’s Pottery Beginners Course, please send an email to or private message us on our social-media channels.

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